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­5 Etiquettes for Your Post Reception Exit

  Posted by: Admin on 9th April 2022 12:36:40.

­5 Etiquettes for Your Post Reception Exit


From the minute you walk down the aisle to the first dance and then, the cake cutting, all eyes are on you - the couple of the hour! So why should the momentous reception send-off be any different? You must have already started brainstorming the ideas for the grand exit - ranging from sparklers to a luxury wedding transport, but before all that, here are some etiquettes to follow for your post-reception exit.


#1 Announce the End of the Dance Party


Don’t just suddenly announce the big exit. Instead, give the guests the time to prepare for the end of the dance party and hence, the send-off so they can jump on the dance floor for the last few songs. Some couples also do a private last dance where the guests leave the venue and enjoy a private dance by themselves. This gives them time to reflect on the day while others get ready for a big exit.


#2 Time It Well


Whether you’re actually zeroing in from different wedding transportation ideas for the send- off or doing a fake exit earlier in the reception, they both have to be timed well. The former should be done later on in the evening - usually 2 to 3 hours after the dance party, but the latter should be planned either before the DJ rolls or an hour or so into it.


#3 Plan Your Exit


Abiding by venue and state laws is imperative when you plan the reception exit. Also, make sure of guests’ safety, the area available (sparklers in a small area with alcohol is never a good match), and how much time the cleaning will take (if your venue covers this, then great; otherwise, have someone to look after the mess).


#4 The Getaway Vehicle


Once your fancy exit is done, you’d want a pleasant ride to your suite. Plan a luxury wedding transport with us for a perfect end to your perfect day. Picking a leisurely vehicle is important because this moment will be forever cherished by you for a lifetime, and we sure can help you with our opulent fleet options.


#5 Don’t Leave Your Guests Hanging


Arranging wedding transportation for guests isn’t necessary, but it’s a good wedding etiquette. After you’ve made your exit, have a few vehicles escort guests from the reception venue to the hotel. Have your MOH or a family member in charge of coordinating with the wedding transport coordinator and get everyone to the accommodation comfortably.


Got a wedding coming up? We’re here to help you with all of your wedding transport needs!


Get in touch with our dedicated coordinator today to get you started.

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