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7 Steps to Planning A Perfect Bachelorette Party

  Posted by: Admin on 9th April 2022 12:46:10.

­7 Steps to Planning A Perfect Bachelorette Party


A bachelorette party is a fun tradition to mark the transition of Miss to Mrs. But what makes for an unforgettable celebration? Careful organization and seamless communication, of course! From determining a guest count to arranging for lodging and booking a wedding party bus, there’s a lot to do. Here, we break down 7 steps to plan a bachelorette party without a hitch.


#1 Make the Guest List


booking anything bachelorette-related like a hotel, wedding party bus, or activities, you’d need to know who all are invited to the party. The bride should get together with the organizer to set a guest list. Every decision is impacted by the attendees, so straighten that out first.


#2 Time It Right


The host of the bachelorette should work with the bride to narrow it down to four dates. The bride-to-be has a packed pre-wedding schedule and it’s best to ask her for the available dates. Next, ask the entire party, either personally or in a chat group, to zero in on a single date that works for all.


#3 Budget Thoughtfully


It’s thoughtful to reach out to everyone in the group and ask them if they’re okay with the budget. Not everyone can shell out the same amount of money. So, try to work on an estimate all are okay to spend.


#4 Make It About the Bride


You’ll want to curate a celebration the woman of the hour will love! Not all brides-to-be want to be welcomed by a scantily dressed stripper or want to devour a phallic-shaped cupcake. (If that’s her though, go ahead and do it all!) Maybe she wants to go on a winery tour or spend the day relaxing by the pool or do karaoke. Tailor the party or the weekend to her needs and preferences.


#5 Arrange for Activities


Plan some fun activities like spa, games, etc. around the town, but don’t overschedule. Leave some time for chatting over snacks, getting ready, having fun banter, and simply relaxing. Of course, our wedding party bus will be there to get you around the area without you having to worry about drinking & driving.


#6 Plan Meals & Drinks


A smart way to save on the meals & drinks on your bachelorette trip is to plan ahead of time! Many restaurants & bar owners have pre-made packages where a limited menu is offered for a set price that costs lower than à la carte. Have someone on the group in charge of researching such eateries & pubs in your bachelorette destination.


#7 Don’t Forget About Transportation


Depending on where you’re going and the number of people traveling, you will need a spacious yet safe wedding party bus. Because most of you would be drinking (a lot!) on the trip. Don’t leave booking wedding buses or wedding shuttle service until the last minute. You will get the best rates and preferred transportation if you book around a month in advance.


Our luxury wedding party bus is an ideal pick for your cheery celebration. To book from a range of wedding shuttle services, get in touch with us today!

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­5 Etiquettes for Your Post Reception Exit

  Posted by: Admin on 9th April 2022 12:36:40.

­5 Etiquettes for Your Post Reception Exit


From the minute you walk down the aisle to the first dance and then, the cake cutting, all eyes are on you - the couple of the hour! So why should the momentous reception send-off be any different? You must have already started brainstorming the ideas for the grand exit - ranging from sparklers to a luxury wedding transport, but before all that, here are some etiquettes to follow for your post-reception exit.


#1 Announce the End of the Dance Party


Don’t just suddenly announce the big exit. Instead, give the guests the time to prepare for the end of the dance party and hence, the send-off so they can jump on the dance floor for the last few songs. Some couples also do a private last dance where the guests leave the venue and enjoy a private dance by themselves. This gives them time to reflect on the day while others get ready for a big exit.


#2 Time It Well


Whether you’re actually zeroing in from different wedding transportation ideas for the send- off or doing a fake exit earlier in the reception, they both have to be timed well. The former should be done later on in the evening - usually 2 to 3 hours after the dance party, but the latter should be planned either before the DJ rolls or an hour or so into it.


#3 Plan Your Exit


Abiding by venue and state laws is imperative when you plan the reception exit. Also, make sure of guests’ safety, the area available (sparklers in a small area with alcohol is never a good match), and how much time the cleaning will take (if your venue covers this, then great; otherwise, have someone to look after the mess).


#4 The Getaway Vehicle


Once your fancy exit is done, you’d want a pleasant ride to your suite. Plan a luxury wedding transport with us for a perfect end to your perfect day. Picking a leisurely vehicle is important because this moment will be forever cherished by you for a lifetime, and we sure can help you with our opulent fleet options.


#5 Don’t Leave Your Guests Hanging


Arranging wedding transportation for guests isn’t necessary, but it’s a good wedding etiquette. After you’ve made your exit, have a few vehicles escort guests from the reception venue to the hotel. Have your MOH or a family member in charge of coordinating with the wedding transport coordinator and get everyone to the accommodation comfortably.


Got a wedding coming up? We’re here to help you with all of your wedding transport needs!


Get in touch with our dedicated coordinator today to get you started.

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Our Top Wedding Transportation Planning Tips

  Posted by: Admin on 9th April 2022 12:28:25.

­Our Top Wedding Transportation Planning Tips

Unless you plan on beaming up to your wedding location, it’s imperative you’d need wedding transportation, and so will your guests. Even if you plan on arranging wedding day transportation for just the bride & groom, immediate family, and wedding party, the cost and planning can escalate quickly. Read on to know our top 7 wedding transportation planning tips so everyone has one less thing to worry about on their special day.


#1 Plan Early


Reserve your wedding transportation services at least 4 to 6 months before the big day. Transportation companies organize vehicles for other events, excursions, corporates, etc. as well. That’s why it’s important to book your travel as early as possible to make sure of availability and best prices.


#2 Book A Trusted Company


You don’t want to be stranded on your wedding day or arrive late! The same goes for your guests. The itinerary should be followed, and smooth transportation is essential for the same. Pick a company that has a good rep and experience in wedding shuttle services, so you have absolute peace of mind.


#3 Consider Your Guests’ Needs


Some guests will have multiple kids so they will need booster seats, the elderly might need help climbing stairs on the bus, and guests traveling from outstation might need pick-up service. Treating your wedding party to a luxury shuttle is also a nice gesture. Another thing to keep in mind is to arrange for an early shuttle for guests who might want to return to the hotel early after the reception.


#4 Prepare an Itinerary


A wedding timeline should be provided to the wedding day transportation company, so they know at what times they need to be up & running on D-Day. Fax or email them the necessary details like how the guests will be accommodated, what alternate routes to take in case the main one is busy, and alternate numbers to call like MOH or a sibling because obviously, they can’t call the bride. It’s also wise to give the transportation coordinator number to your wedding planner or a bridesmaid.


#5 Get A Contract


A written agreement makes for a smoother transaction for both parties. Get a fine print that includes the following terms of service: payment policy, arrival & departure time, number of transportation & models, pick-up/ drop-off locations, and overtime rate per hour.


#6 Don’t Overfill Vehicles


When decked up, people want their own space to keep their outfits and styling proper. Plus, you’d want your guests to be comfortable during travel. If you aren’t sure how many people can fit into a vehicle, ask your wedding day transportation provider. Being experts, they can guide you well on how many guests can fit into your chosen mode of transportation.


#7 Inform Everyone


After the wedding transportation services are set, the next step is to inform the guests of the transportation information. You can do this by updating your wedding website or sending messages on their contact numbers with all the essential information like the time of the rides, rental company, and pick-up/ drop-off location.


Cooee Coach Charters has over 50 years of experience in transport logistics. Our modern fleet of vehicles featuring the Mercedes brand provides wedding transportation services all over Australia & New Zealand.


Do you have a wedding coming up? Get in touch with us today! Our dedicated coordinator will help sort all your needs.

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